SUNDARA KARMA – Saturday 18th February @ Leeds Uni Stylus

Sundara Karma are quite obviously storming the music scene full speed ahead right now, so it would have been criminal not to have grabbed tickets to their debut album tour.

Deciding to skip out on the support bands Palm Honey and Will Joseph Cook (too busy necking cheap drinks in Wetherspoons), we rocked up to Leeds Uni Stylus just in time for the main event.

The rowdy teenage crowd roared when the four long haired lads sauntered onstage and opened the set with A Young Understanding. Several large coloured balloons were tossed into the crowd in what seemed like an attempt to encourage further crowd engagement. This was utterly pointless as Sundara were already captivating. Luckily the balloons had all popped by the end of the song.

The set powered on through, boasting some brilliant tracks from their old EPs such as Freshbloom and Hustle. However everything slightly stopped in its tracks when they played the less upbeat songs from their album.

“This song is my favourite” bragged frontman Oscar before he strutted around to the first few chords of Lose The Feeling sounded. The crowd didn’t appear to agree with him as they were less enthusiastic, only a couple of hands waving around in the air.

The pace of the show thankfully sky rocketed back up when the band continued onto beautifully exotic-sounding Indigo Puff. At this point we welcomed ourselves into the sweaty mosh pits.

Happy Family was the band’s ‘last song’ which urged everyone to get on their mate’s tired shoulders and clap along to the catchy guitar riff which, to me, sounds quite comparable to Send Me On My Way from the Matilda film.

“That was a bit of a shit song to finish with” a guy next to me complained. But this was not the end. Sundara Karma were pulling the encore card out of the deck. Predictable.

Everyone began chanting “Sundara” and SHOCK… HORROR… the band arrived back onstage and properly finished with The Night and Loveblood.

I have seen Sundara Karma a fair few times now and they never fail to disappoint. They delivered a stellar performance and it has been great to see them sell out another tour after the release of their debut album, Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect. They are worthy of the huge hype around them and I am excited to see them continue getting more successful very soon.


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